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Amplifying voices, challenging norms and creating brave spaces for learning

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Learning events are aimed at those who desire to acquire new knowledge, develop skills, and exchange ideas on becoming culturally responsive, immigrant-origin students, the history of immigration, Arab/Muslim students, and their communities.    Participants will learn through a series of interactive activities, discussions, and hands-on exercises.

Cost: starting at $3000


Providing all forms of curriculum development: audits, culturally responsive content, social studies topics to reflect your students, and more. Effective curriculum implementation and professional development are provided to help participants develop the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the curriculum effectively and stay updated with current best practices. 

Cost: based on needs assessment


As student advocates, our mission is to serve as a catalyst for positive change within our educational institution. We are committed to ensuring that every student's voice is heard and that their educational journey is as enriching and equitable as possible. Through collaboration, empathy, and persistence, we aim to create a better educational experience for all.


Cost: $600 per session

Other Services

Altair provides other services to meet the needs of your school and community:

Keynote speaker

Provide virtual or in-person speaking session on relevant topic

Cost: begins $2000

1:1 consulting

1:1 consulting virtual or in-person to help address needs and provide educational expertise. 

Cost: $300/hr

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